Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Paper Crafts For Kids

paper craft samples
Paper crafts for kids is the most beautiful and indispensable activity that the child likes and entertains with at the early stages of his childhood. There are various types of craft activities that a child can be involved with including color crafts, making various patterns and designs on a piece of cloth, using clay, cane or even plastic to make various patterns.

Other paper crafts for kids include preparing different envelopes, postal stamps, flowers made of paper like lilies, roses, star shaped wreaths, Chinese lanterns, leaves, trees, paper box, pinwheel, and much more. Paper puppets attract a lot of kids due to their entertaining reality and the preparation involves waste bags of paper having faces and limbs and arms attached. Using some paper, glue and scissors you can prepare an endless number of items. These prepared items can even be treated as gifts and perfect for numerous school photos that are never used.

Paper crafts for kids-Chinese lantern

Making the Chinese lantern as paper crafts for kids is quite simple and easy. Take one sheet of paper in any shape and fold it in vertical position. Cut the paper in a series with the exception of keeping 2 inches from both ends. Next open the cut paper and join those edges with the help of staples or glue. Prepare a 2 inch strip and attach it to both the ends of the lantern from the top using glue or a staple. This added strip is the handle for a lantern. This completes one lantern in a series of lanterns. Repeat the same steps but with different colored papers and join them together with a string. You are ready to enlighten your home.

Paper crafts for kids – Photo Sunflowers

One of a kind paper crafts for kids is photo sunflowers which can be displayed in the childhood albums or can be gifted to someone.

Items required include 9” paper plate, craft glue, 6” foam bowl, green colored construction paper, paint brushes, brown and yellow acrylic paint and child’s photo.

The first step is to paint a foam bowl with brown paint on the back side and allow it to dry for some time. Next paint the yellow color on the front side of the paper plate and allow it to dry for some time. Apply some glue on the rim (top side) of the foam bowl. Flip the bowl and plate upside down and apply glue to the paper plate painted with yellow at the center. The next step in preparing paper crafts for kids photo sunflower is to cut the green paper in the shape of leaves and attach to the sunflower with the help of glue. If the child’s photo is bigger than the bottom portion of foam bowl, then trim the photo to fit in the bowl. The last step is to stick the photo with the help of glue on the bottom side of foam bowl.

Paper crafts for kids with colored papers and twists and turns of the papers enhances the skills of child and generates creativity in their life.